BEALTAINE – fecundity and the Inner Marriage

Four Fires Crab Apple blossomIn the Irish tradition the Wheel of Time is divided in two, the bright half and the dark half. We’ve being journeying with the Cailleach, the Hag of Winter, since last Samhain and, finally, she is making way for her daughter, An Inion Bui, to lead us through to Summer.  As with Samhain, Bealtaine is a time when the veils between this world and the Otherworld are thin. In the old days it was thought the Aos Sí were out and about ready to take human folk back into their world.


One of the guardians to this world is the Apple Tree, symbol of abundance and open-hearted generousity, teaching us how to trust in reciprocity, the act of giving and receiving without attachment. Bealtaine is a time to celebrate fecundity and the flourishing of our creativity, a time to connect with the instinctive wild forces both within and without and to deepen our awareness of that potency on the physical, spiritual and mystical levels. It represents the coming together of psyche and soma in service to life, the mystical union of animus and anima in a sacred marriage.


Bábóg na Bealtaine, maighdean an tSamhraidh,

Suas gach cnoc is siós gach gleann,

Cailini maiseacha bán-gheala gléasta,

Thugamar féin an samhradh linn


Four Fires Crab Apple blossom (2)Mayday doll, maiden of Summer

Up every hill and down every glen,

Beautiful girls, radiant and shining,

We have brought the Summer in.


Arrive on Friday at 5 p.m.  You’ll be leaving again at 3 p.m. Sunday.

Scroll back to the original blog post “Tending the Flames of Inspiration, Passion, Creativity and Wisdom…” for definitive information and to refresh your memory!

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